Monday, November 21, 2011

Sweet Rolls(w/o recipe)

My millionth attempt at using quick acting yeast. guess how that worked out...
Not so well.
Didn't rise. Then when I was leaving it for about 20 more minutes to see if it would do anything, I left the towel off the top, so when I went to remove it from the warming drawer, the top had hardened slightly.

So I though, oh well, I'll cook it and see what happens. So I put the glaze on, and 10 minutes later opened the oven to find them still looking very glazy. Not nice and browned, no. It looks like there was liquid on the top still.

Why must I continue to do this to myself.

Yes I realize the photo below is not a roll...
But I recently bought a large bag of steel cut oats for only 4$, and this was the second meal I made with it I think? Anyways, it was delicious, and I think steel cut oats are my absolute favourite now.

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