Friday, November 04, 2011

Lemon Sugar Cookies

I've made these a few times last year, they are my mums favourite cookie of all time. She asked me if I could make them again today, and I wanted to try a healthy vegan version. So I used whole wheat flour, half the amount of sugar it called for, and I used agave instead of white sugar, and a few other tweaks.

Oh my gosh they were horrid! There was too much baking powder, so it had that tart taste that baking powder has. They just were not good at all.

Guess where they went?

Yes, straight into the garbage.

I hate wasting food, so it took a bit of thinking before I actually threw them away.

What got me was, that every baker makes mistakes. Every baking has to throw away a batch of baking sometime. You know why? Because sometimes it takes practice to get it right. You put too much of one ingredient it, and BOOM. Terrible, icky, disgusting.

So I threw them away, and made the same recipe that I used last year.

Here is the recipe I used, an old recipe way back on my blog, with sad photographs.

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